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Angels & Demons, Dan Brown

E-Book : Angels & Demons (Malaikat & Iblis)

Trailer :

Demon? Angel?

I'm not a Dan Brown fanatic; I casually started the blockbuster book on a recent flight to Rome from my home in Miami. It was fun and a perfect diversion for a boring plane ride. When I finished, I was intrigued. I wanted to see what the sites in the novel looked like. A few Internet clicks yielded something called "The Official Angels & Demons Rome Tour": a four-hour romp through Rome, past sites featured in the book.
rome2: In this June 16, 2008 file photo, an interior view of Santa Maria del Popolo church is seen in Rome. AP/Andrew MedichiniIn this June 16, 2008 file photo, an interior view of Santa Maria del Popolo church is seen in Rome. AP/Andrew Medichini
For those of you who haven't read it, here's a five-second recap: Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon (the main character in "The Da Vinci Code," played in the movie by Tom Hanks) teams up with foxy sidekick Vittoria Vetra (played by Israeli actress Ayelet Zurer), and unravels the mystery behind who is mutilating and killing Catholic cardinals. Centuries-old conspiracy theories abound. Oh, and Langdon saves the Vatican from destruction.
As a reader, I wasn't so much taken with the plot or the papal controversy surrounding the book. Much has been written about the Vatican's reaction to both "Angels & Demons" and "The Da Vinci Code." News reports have debunked Brown's account of the Illuminati. For me, it was the setting - Rome - that was exciting. The locations in the novel were like main characters, not just backdrops to a tantalizing treasure hunt through the Eternal City.
The tour, I hoped, would recreate that treasure hunt and maybe provide some real-life history along the way. It didn't disappoint.
We were instructed to meet on the steps of Santa Maria del Popolo at 9:30 a.m. The nearby piazza was already bustling because the Italian state police were marking their 156th anniversary - I knew this because my husband briefly wandered away to drool over the official Police Lamborghini that transports human organs to hospitals at high speed. (Only in Italy.)
About 24 of us were on the tour, mostly middle-aged Americans and a few English-speaking Italians. Our guide greeted us and gave a brief summary of the book; the majority of us had read it, but it was fun to hear it read aloud in the crowded square. He passed out a copy of "The Path of Illumination," a map of Rome photocopied from the novel, and on the back was the printed riddle that had inspired Langdon, our fictional muse:

From Santi's earthly tomb with demon's hole, 'Cross Rome the mystic elements unfold. The path of light is laid, the sacred test, Let the angels guide you on your lofty quest.

In the book, Santa Maria del Popolo is the location of the first cardinal's murder.
After we were given the warning to be silent, we all gathered inside near the Chigi Chapel, which was designed by Raphael and filled with works by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, a 17th century sculptor - including the sculpture of a pyramid, a shape that plays a huge role in the novel.
But we couldn't see any of it. The entire chapel was covered in white plastic and scaffolding. Same went for the "demon's hole," a marble, manhole-sized insert in the floor that covers a subterranean crypt. In the book, the Chigi Chapel was covered due to construction - yet unlike Professor Langdon, our tour group couldn't pull the plastic aside to see the marble, pyramid-shaped wall tombs.
I wondered whether the rest of the sites on the tour would be off-limits too. Director Ron Howard claimed that the Vatican interfered with efforts to get permits to shoot certain scenes around Rome, a charge the church said was purely a publicity stunt on Howard's part. Yet Rome's diocese admitted last year it had barred producers from filming inside two churches because the movie didn't conform to Catholic views.
At the front of the church, the priest began Mass. My husband, raised Catholic in Italy, reflexively crossed himself. I snapped a quick photo of the creepy skeleton on the way out.
As it turned out, the skeleton had nothing to do with "Angels & Demons"; it was an exquisite marble sculpture - by Bernini.
From there, a bus whisked us to St. Peter's Square. The guide discussed the fictional "mystic elements" in the book - earth, air, fire, water - then told a story about Roman Emperor Nero and St. Peter's execution.
We spent about 45 minutes outside the Vatican (we didn't go inside; the tour is banned from entering), listening to the guide explain both Bernini's work and read passages from the book.

Then we hustled back to the bus that took us to the rest of the stops: Santa Maria della Vittoria, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona and Castel Sant'Angelo. True to the book, Bernini's statues of angels were everywhere. We even worked in a stop for espresso, which nearly everyone drank despite the heat of the midday Roman sun.
My favorite spot came midway through the tour, at Santa Maria della Vittoria, where Bernini's "The Ecstasy of St. Teresa," sculpture sits. The priest even came out and smiled at us.
The interior of the church looks like it is dipped in gold, with dazzling murals, sculptures and paintings on every available surface. While somewhat off the beaten path (it's a few blocks from the famous Trevi Fountain), it provided the most titillating history: as a young woman, St. Teresa experienced fits of "ecstasy" while dreaming of angels probing her body with spears. The racy statue inside this church depicts one of her dreams - and even offers a laminated sheet of paper with passages from her eyebrow-raising diary.
In the novel "Angels & Demons," this church was the scene of a particularly gruesome murder; our guide declined to read from the book while inside so he wouldn't offend anyone.
Yet there was something even more macabre inside the church than Dan Brown's imagination: the church's namesake, Santa Vittoria herself.
Her centuries-old martyred body is encased in wax in a glass case - but the wax has cracked at the tips of her fingers. Her bones are visible. She's dressed in an ivory gown and her head, circled in a wreath of white flowers, rests on a little pillow. Her eyes are closed, and her mouth is slightly open, as if she's snoring.
"Oh my God, look," I whispered to my husband, while peering at the tiny woman's face. "You can see her real teeth!"

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E-Book : Angels & Demons (Malaikat & Iblis)
Version : English language
Publisher : Unknow
Type : rar
Size : 966 kb

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Avast Pro Edition 4.7

Avast Pro Edition 4.7

Ini merupakan anti virus yang cukup baik dengan update harian, ini avast pro edition 4.7 full versi jadi selamat mencoba!!!

Type : rar
Size : 20475 kb

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The Lord of The Ring Trilogy

E-BOOK 1 : The Fellowship of The Ring (Sembilan Pembawa Cincin)

Cukilan :

Mendadak Aragorn melompat berdiri. "Raungan angin itu!" teriaknya. "Itu suara raungan serigala. Warg sudah datang ke sebelah barat Pegunungan!"
"Apa kita perlu menunggu sampai pagi, kalau begitu?" kata Gandalf. "Seperti telah kukatakan. Perburuan sudah dimulai! Meski kita hidup untuk menyaksikan fajar, siapa sekarang mau berjalan ke selatan dengan serigala mengejar?"
"Berapa jauhkah Moria?" tanya Boromir.
"Ada pintu di sebelah barat daya Caradhras, sekitar lima belas mil ukuran terbang gagak, dan mungkin dua puluh mil untuk lad serigala," Jawab Gandalf muram.
"Kalau begitu, mari kita berangkat begitu hari terang besok, kalau bisa," kata Boromir. "Suara serigala lebih mengerikan daripada Orc yang ditakuti."
"Benar!" kata Aragorn, mengendurkan pedangnya di dalam sarungnya. "Tapi di mana warg melolong, di sana pula Orc berkeliaran."
"Aku menyesal tidak mengikuti saran Elrond," gerutu Pippin pada Sam. "Bagaimanapun, aku tidak bermanfaat sama sekali. Tidak cukup banyak darah Bandobras the Bullroarer di dalam diriku: lolongan ini membekukan darahku. Belum pernah aku merasa sesial ini."
"Hatiku juga sudah turun ke jari kaki, Mr. Pippin," kata Sam, "Tapi kita belum dimakan, dan ada orang-orang gagah berani bersama kita. Apa pun nasib Gandalf, aku bertaruh pasti bukan di dalam perut serigala."

Untuk pertahanan mereka di malam hari, Rombongan itu mendaki puncak bukit kecil tempat tadi mereka berlindung. Puncak bukit itu bermahkotakan jalinan pohon-pohon tua yang saling melilit, dan di sekitarnya terdapat sebuah lingkaran yang tidak utuh, dari batu-batu besar. Di tengahnya mereka menyalakan api, karena tak ada harapan bahwa kegelapan dan kesunyian akan menyembunyikan jejak mereka dari kawanan pemburu.
Di sekeliling api mereka duduk, dan mereka yang tidak berjaga, tertidur dengan gelisah. Bill si kuda malang gemetaran dan berkeringat di tempatnya berdiri. Lolongan serigala sekarang ada di sekeliling mereka, kadang-kadang dekat dan kadang-kadang agak jauh. Di malam pekat, banyak mata bersinar mengintai dari atas pundak bukit. Beberapa malah mendekat hampir sampai lingkaran batu. Di celah lingkaran, sesosok besar serigala terlihat berhenti, menatap mereka. Lolongan menggetarkan keluar dari mulutnya, seolah ia kapten yang memanggil kelompoknya untuk menyerang.
Gandalf berdiri dan melangkah ke depan, memegang tinggi tongkatnya. "Dengar, Anjing Sauron!" teriaknya. "Gandalf ada di sini. Pergi cepat, kalau kau menghargai kulitmu yang busuk! Akan kukerutkan kau dari ekor sampai moncong, kalau kau masuk ke lingkaran ini."
Serigala itu menggeram dan melompat ke arah Gandalf dengan satu lompatan besar. Saat itu terdengar bunyi desing tajam. Legolas melontarkan anak panahnya. Ada teriakan menyeramkan, dan sosok yang melompat jatuh ke tanah; anak panah Peri sudah menghunjam lehernya. Mata-mata yang mengawasi mendadak padam: Gandalf dan Aragorn melangkah maju, tapi bukit itu sudah kosong; kawanan serigala pemburu sudah lari. Di sekitar mereka kegelapan semakin sunyi, dan tak ada teriakan yang diterbangkan angin.

Malam sudah larut; di sebelah barat, bulan yang memudar sudah mulai tenggelam, bersinar gelisah dari antara awan-awan yang memecah.
Tiba-tiba Frodo terbangun kaget. Tanpa peringatan, badai raungan ganas dan liar berkecamuk di sekitar seluruh perkemahan. Sepasukan besar warg sudah berkumpul diam-diam, dan sekarang menyerang mereka dari semua sisi sekaligus.
"Tambahkan kayu ke api!" teriak Gandalf kepada para hobbit. °'Hunus pisau kalian, dan berdiri saling memunggungi!"
Dalam cahaya yang membesar, ketika kayu segar berkobar, Frodo melihat banyak sekali sosok kelabu melompati lingkaran batu. Lebih banyak dan lebih banyak lagi menyusul. Aragorn menusukkan pedangnya ke leher salah satu pemimpin yang besar; dengan ayunan lebar, Boromir menebas tenggorokan yang lainnya. Di sampingnya Gimli berdiri dengan kakinya yang kekar terbuka lebar, mengayunkan kapaknya. Busur Legolas sibuk bernyanyi.
Dalam cahaya api yang bergetar, Gandalf seolah tumbuh membesar: ia bangkit berdiri, sosoknya besar mengancam, seperti monumen seorang raja kuno dari batu yang ditempatkan,di atas bukit. Membungkuk seperti awan, ia memungut sebatang ranting menyala dan maju mendekati serigala-serigala. Mereka mundur di depannya. Tinggi di udara Gandalf melambungkan ranting yang menyala itu. Ranting itu berkobar dengan cahaya putih mendadak, seperti petir; suaranya menggeram seperti guruh.
"Naur an edraith ammen! Naur dan i ngaurhoth!" teriaknya.
Ada deruman dan keriutan, dan pohon di atas Gandalf mencetuskan nyala api membutakan. Api itu melompat dari puncak pohon ke puncak pohon. Seluruh bukit dimahkotai cahaya menyilaukan. Pedang-pedang dan pisau-pisau para pengembara itu berkilauan dan berkelip. Anak panah Legolas yang terakhir terbang bercahaya di udara, dan menghunjam menyala ke dalam jantung seekor pemimpin serigala besar. Serigala-serigala yang lain lari.

E-Book volume : 1 (satu)
Title : The fellowship of the ring (sembilan pembawa cincin)
Rilis : 2001
Penerbit : radical Collections
Type : pdf
Size : 1982

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